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100% pure raw Honey, straight from our bees.

1kg bucket

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current quarantine restrictions we cannot send honey or beeswax products into Tasmania and Western Australia or outside of Australia.

Product review:

Bernz - "Bought some honey yesterday and had it for brekkie this morning and it was by far the best honey I've had in a very long time! Will definitely be buying more and referring my family and friends"

David - "Not only is it the best honey, I love the flared top on the buckets!! Don't have to wait for it to stop running off a spoon before you pull away and farewell to messy lids and dribbles down the sides!"

Bernz - "Just bought some more online as our stock is almost gone.. am trying the chocolate honey as well.. can't wait to receive the golden goodness soon"

Pure Raw Honey

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