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What exactly is a hand lotion bar? It is lotion for your hands, elbows, knees and anywhere else you want to treat your rough, dry skin. Our lotion is in a solid form for those of you who don't like the messy liquid lotions.

They work by rubbing them between your hands.....this transfers this great lotion onto your hands; now rub into those areas that need some extra moisturizing attention!

Ingredients: Our own Pure Raw Beeswax, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Jojoba oil. May contain traces of pollen.

Made by Hilltops Honey, Young


Product reviews:

Katrina - "I really think you should rename this bar to the miracle bar. I have been suffering from eczema for years and the only thing that cured it was prescription cream. That is until now. I have only been using it for 2 days now and my eczema has calmed in the bad areas and completely vanished in the smaller areas. No natural product so far has done this and I have tried A LOT over the years. So basically I am saying thank you."

Katie - "Dermatitis on hands are much better, thank you so much."

Michelle - "Beautiful products highly recommend Hand Lotion Bars helped my eczema...amazing

Melanie - "I recently bought some of your beeswax hand cream on a weekend trip to Young. It has made my hands lovely and soft, especially around my cuticles and nail beds. Great product and a great price."

Kerry - " I purchased some Beeswax lotion bar at the Wagga Psychic Fair and wanted to let you know that it is amazing stuff. I suffer badly from dry hands and one quick rub with the lotion bar and my hands are silky smooth. So I have decided to try it on cracked heels too and it works a treat. Thank you."

Jenna - " I just wanted to say a big Thank you for suggesting the hand lotion bar, as you were unaware that I had previously had radiation too and its been a god send. My radiation area on my neck is 4 years old (but still quiet painful) so I have been using the bar almost daily and I love it. Not only does it add lasting moisture to the area (and SMELLS AMAZING) but the consistency of the bar is the perfect texture to massage across my scar tissue which is usually quiet uncomfortable and sore with my hands. I feel like its a product I can't live without now!! Many Thanks again."

Sue - "I bought a 'honey bar' as well, its the best thing i have ever used on my psoriasis and cellulitis .... I fully recommend it."

Linden - "I have just shared this page to all my friends because of the wonderful help my hands have had this winter from your beeswax hand bar - I have had hell the past 4 winters with cuts and exzcema related pains in my hands this year thanks to your bar (when I've remembered to use it!) I've had very little to no problem at all! Thanks so much for an amazing product!"

Caroline - " I just wanted to let you know how amazing your hand lotion bar is! I have not had any issues with my hands since I started using it religiously every night. Thank you from a very happy and satisfied customer."

Beeswax Hand Lotion Bar - Large

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